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About 65 percent of the sodium we eat comes from food bought at retail stores and 25 percent from restaurants, so read food labels and seek out lower sodium options.Salt for Life On average, we get 10 percent of our sodium from salt added during cooking or at the table. Salt is in everything we eat — from fresh chicken to breads to cheeses — and it’s okay to indulge, as long as it’s in moderation.Get better acquainted with sodium and its health effects so you and your loved ones can Practice Safe Salt. Learn more about the culinary breakthrough that can reduce your sodium intake by as much as 70 percent.Whether you need a lover, or you need a friend to talk to because you feel lonely, or you just want to flirt a little bit just to spice things up then you came to the right place!Through adult-dating24you will be able to chat, send messages, create profile descriptions, upload photos in order to fulfill your dreams.Starting today, I promise to learn more about reducing sodium from the foods I enjoy and to share this important health information with others.We can still be friends sodium, just in small doses.

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Practice Safe Salt and encourage your loved ones to do the same.Temptation is all around — at home, at work and especially at the grocery store where sodium lurks in unsuspecting places.Opting for low-sodium foods doesn’t mean your tastes buds can’t be tantalized.) Eat foods that are high in potassium such as bananas, leafy greens, and potatoes, as potassium counterbalances excess sodium in your body.Sodium — it’s not me, it’s you, and I want to break up.

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